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Is there a Waiting List? 
Depending on our membership numbers, we may operate a waiting list system for potential new members.  You will be informed when you apply for membership as to whether there is a waiting list or not.  
Can you explain the work party requirements? You are required to do one weekend work party each year for two years. There are usually two weekends a year, Mar/April and May set aside for work parties. The opportunity to attend these work parties will normally commence in the year following your acceptance as a member.

Do you have a family membership? No. However our rates for juniors are generous and a junior may remain as such until age 21 or age 23 if still a full-time student.

Can I take guests? Guests are welcome but are not confirmed until 10 days prior to a weekend, or two weeks out for a mid week booking.

Will I be expected to share a bunkroom? Whenever possible families or groups are put together in a bunkroom but there may be times when this isn't possible.

How far ahead do I have to book? As early as possible to ensure a bunk (bookings open for the winter season on 1 May each year for priority bookings and then on 1 June for all other bookings). Bunk nights need to be cancelled 10 days prior to the first night of your booking.